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Facts About CoolSculpting - 105.1 The Buzz

Facts About CoolSculpting - 105.1 The Buzz

Apr 1, 2017 | CoolSculptingPress

Dr. Michael Workman joins 105.1 The Buzz to talk about the incredible things CoolSculpting is doing for his patients. 

Facts About CoolSculpting

  • It’s a treatment that was developed by Harvard University about fifteen years ago
  • It allows for controlled freezing to kill fat cells
  • Your body absorbs the fat cells into the bloodstream
  • CoolSculpting can be used for double chins
  • Dr. Michael Workman has used CoolSculpting on his chest to show its effectiveness
  • DualSculpt allows Dr. Michael Workman and his staff to apply CoolSculpting to two parts of the body at the same time
  • The CoolSculpt Mini is a special CoolSculpt device that can be used on smaller regions like under the chin
  • The results are visible within 4-8 weeks
  • Better than liposuction because you can go back to work the next day
  • Most people can go back to normal activities the same day
  • Multiple treatments are recommended, depending on what areas need to be treated

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