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A Healing System

your body's natural healing system

Did you know that you can use the resources in your own body to help rejuvenate your skin and/or your hair? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a therapeutic, non-surgical procedure that uses your own healing system for facial treatment or hair loss therapy. PRP plays an important role in your body's natural healing process that helps to repair facial issues and heal injured areas of your body like joints and muscles. PRP can be known as a vampire facial when it comes to the treatment of facial rejuvenation and getting a smoother and tighter appearance. It can also be used as hair loss therapy in men and women. In fact, PRP is used by several professional athletes, including Tiger Woods, who have benefited from PRP therapy. And there is no risk of rejection since PRP is drawn your own blood. Why not get one of the best PRP in Vancouver at The Workman Center For Beautiful Skin & Bodies?

What Is PRP?

effective with many different facial issues

Plasma is composed mostly of water and proteins and is the intermediate for red and white blood cells and platelets to circulate through your body while platelets are blood cells that can activate your body's natural healing process. The plasma is enhanced through an activation process that releases growth factors and then injected into a specific area where those factors trigger stem cells into the production of collagen and repairing tissues or stimulate growth in hair follicles. There are four types of PRP: pure PRP (low white blood count, anti-coagulated liquid), leukocyte-rich PCP (high white blood count, anti-coagulated liquid), pure platelet-rich fibrin (low white blood count, coagulated fibrin matrix), and leukocyte-rich PRF (high white blood count, coagulated fibrin matrix).

Platelet-rich plasma can be effective with many facial issues as well as hair therapy and common injuries. From a facial treatment point of view, PRP can treat acne or traumatic scars, fine lines and wrinkles, hair loss, hyperpigmentation, rough skin texture, and stretch marks. PRP can also address hair loss and promote the growth of hair. It may be possible for PRP to also help with the treatment of some conditions like knee osteoarthritis or tennis elbow or injuries like ligament tears or joint sprains.

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The procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma

cellular treatments that trigger skin repair

The platelet-rich plasma application procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the specifics of the procedure. A numbing agent can be applied to your face to help with discomfort. PRP can reverse skin damage in a holistic way by using and boosting your body’s active growth factors. A blood sample from you is harvested in our laboratory with the resulting serum applied to your skin in a concentrated dose through micropores or directly injected deeper in your skin to stimulate your body’s own stem cells. PRP treatments are cellular renewals that help to decrease the inflammatory processes of your skin and trigger skin repair.

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Caring Environment: Raising the Bar for Cosmetic Excellence

a comfortable environment

At the Workman Center for Beautiful Skin & Bodies, our staff don't just treat you like another number, they will ensure you experience individual care and discuss what your specific aesthetic goals are and what treatment would best address your concerns. Our caring and skilled providers have a wealth of experience to pull from to provide you with some of the best PRP Vancouver and Portland have to offer. We've created a comfortable environment where you can expect the compassion and confidential treatment you deserve. Call us today to deal with your current facial, hair, or other body concerns and experience unparalleled care and results.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma

safe and effective

There's a wide range of benefits with getting PRP in Vancouver whether facial or other areas of your body. There is usually minimal pain with PRP treatments and have been proven to be safe and effective for all skin types.

For facial treatments, PRP can...

  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines
  • Enhance skin tone and texture
  • Improve facial firmness and volume
  • Reduce acne scars

For hair therapy, PRP can...

  • Boost the growth of active hair follicles
  • Decrease the appearance of hair loss
  • Stimulates the growth of inactive hair follicles
  • Little to no downtime

For other body therapy, PRP can...

  • Decrease inflammation from osteoarthritis
  • Diminish lower back pain
  • Provide relief from chronic pain
  • Reduce sports injuries like tendonitis syndrome


If you are looking to repair some facial and other body issues using your own body's natural healing system, you are a good candidate for a platelet-rich plasma procedure. Most people can benefit from a PRP treatment given that it is derived from your own body's growth factors and cellular repair mechanisms.

For the past decade, PRP therapy can be used for cartilage degeneration with knee osteoarthritis to decrease inflammation and improves symptoms. It has also been employed to help recreational and professional athletes with injuries such as ligaments and torn tendons.

The results depend on what and where your PRP treatment takes place. When stimulating the production of collagen for a facial treatment, you can see noticeable results within a couple of months. You may need several treatments depending on your specific skincare concerns. In general, your results can last up to a year.

The stimulation of stem cells when dealing with hair follicles can take several weeks for the growth period but some results can become noticeable after a month or so. You may require several treatments to get the full, final result.

For the first 24 hours, you may experience some discomfort, slight swelling, and some redness. Most Vancouver PRP patients resume their normal activities soon after PRP treatment. It is normal to feel some soreness and stiffness for a few days following your procedure.

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